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KOL388 | Cantus Firmus with Cody Cook: Against Intellectual Property


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 388.

I was a guest on Cantus Firmus, with host Cody Cook (episode released July 8, 2022; recorded July 7, 2022) . We discussed IP etc. From his shownotes:

Stephan Kinsella was my guest to talk about “intellectual property,” the concept that an individual’s ideas belong to them and should be protected from free use by others through law. Stephan is a patent attorney and libertarian writer in Houston whose book Against Intellectual Property is the seminal writing on this subject. We discussed why intellectual property is not really property, why it places an undue burden on society, and how it inhibits the free exchange of culture and ideas. He can be found at www.stephankinsella.com, at the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, and on Twitter @NSKinsella

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Not discussed in the podcast, but relevant to this discussion, is my own essay Open Source Jesus: A Manifesto for a Liberated Church

See also “Libertarians and the Catholic Church on Intellectual Property Laws” (2012) and KOL243 | Libertarian Christians Podcast with Norman Horn: Intellectual Property.

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