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KOL412 | IP Law Tutorial, Part 3: Trademark, Trade Secret, and Other


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 412.

As noted in KOL409 (Part 1: Patent Law) and KOL411 (Part 2: Copyright Law), although I’ve done dozens of speeches and interviews over the past 20 or so years on libertarian aspects of intellectual property, or IP, that is, on IP policy, I’ve never done any in depth lectures for libertarians on IP law itself. In KOL409, I did a brief overview of various types of IP law, and then focused on the patent law and patent application process itself. KOL411 was a tutorial on copyright law.

This episode covers other types of IP, including trademark and trade secret, and argues that defamation law should be considered a type of IP law as well. (Recorded May 11, 2023.)

Others in the series:

The slides I used are streamed below and here (powerpoint) and streamed below.

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