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KOL423 | Haman Nature Ep. 1: Getting Argumentative


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 423.

My appearance as the first guess on Adam Haman’s new podcast and Youtube channel, Haman Nature (Haman Nature substack).

As I noted in the initial discussion, this is the fourth or fifth podcast for which I was the first guest, the others being KOL374 | The Intellectual Contributions of Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Great Fiction Podcast Ep. 1, KOL078 | Lions of Liberty Podcast Inaugural Episode: Intellectual PropertyKOL244 | “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice Ep. 001: Intellectual Property, Prostate Cancer, and KOL347 | This Time I’m Curious Ep. 1: The Libertarian Movement, AI Rights, UFOs, Music, Movies, Alcohol.


Adam and Stephen discuss argumentation ethics which of course means they also talk about museums. Part 1 of a 2 episode interview.

Time marks:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 2:50 – Remembering PorcFest 2023 and fun with the creature from Bretton Woods.
  • 5:52 – Introducing Stephan’s new book: Legal Foundations of a Free Society.
  • 7:00 – Libertarianism in America, then and now.
  • 9:35 – With the change in the way we consume information, is intellectualism dead?
  • 13:58 – The origins of this book: activism vs. preaching to the remnant. The value of engaging these ideas deeply to maximize credibility and effectiveness.
  • 18:40 – From Marx to Rothbard: People who care about ideas are reachable and teachable.
  • 20:17 – Exploring argumentation ethics. To understand liberty, we must understand property.
  • 29:13 – Oh crap! Does Elon Musk own us?
  • 29:31 – Back to argumentation ethics. Is v. ought. Natural order arguments.
  • 35:31 — A very brief discussion of Michael Huemer and intuitionism.
  • 37:23 — Five blind men describing an elephant – all roads lead to liberty.
  • 40:30 — Outro

Pix of Adam, me and others at Bretton Woods at PorcFest 2023…

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