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KOL392 | Café Bitcoin Tuesday


Kinsella on Liberty Podcast: Episode 392.

I was asked to make a guest appearance on SwanBitcoin’s Café Bitcoin Tuesday today, with host Alex, where we discussed ownership of bitcoin, property rights, bitcoin maximalism, money vs. language, bitcoin and free speech, and related matters.

It was also posted on their podcast feed (iTunes; Spotify; google) and I include here my segment.


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  • untouchablesCaste September 4, 2022, 8:30 pm

    what does anyone think of this: on an island that can only fit 10 people standing shoulder to shoulder, and inhabited by 10 people, it is a violation of the non aggression axiom for any one of those people to have a property claim of over a tenth of the islands land. this is because each person has self ownership, and feet are part of a selfs body, and feet evolved to stand on land, and claiming over a tenth prevents someone else from using their feet as naturally evolved. richard dawkins has a concept called ‘extended phenotype’ where a beavers dam is coded by its genes similar to its tail, just via its innate behavior. thus self ownership among beavers might interpret aggression against a dam as aggression against the the beaver itself. similar with spider webs or bird nests, or possibly human shelters or indeed all human property claims. land in particular is foundational to freedom & if everyone was allowd to homestead 1 share of land size divided by population, they can have basic freedom like growing their own food or building their own shelter. our current system is egregious serfdom. even irs extortion pales in size to landlord monthly feudal payments for coffin size apartments. im 40 and dont own a single grain of dirt. its artificial scarcity to control people.

  • untouchablesCaste September 4, 2022, 9:49 pm

    if anyone reads this, heres another idea. how can a ..real.. crime control system evolve, you know, like one that would consider ..extortion.. a crime etc. well think about what your top 10 liberty movement podcast type people are doing. theyre essentially describing how criminal this system is. thus they are behaving like a justice system, just without teeth or networked interconnectivity or being official currently. so these podcasters etc freedom people could form an official network that assign official guilt to those who deserve it, so at least we have a list of who is officially guilty according to a network of ethical experts, and who is more fit than them to assign guilt. with our own courts we can refer to this network as experts or a neo jury. when someone is officially guilty bounty hunters etc can act, referring to the networks decision. in reality probably everyone is too schooled and dumbed down and weakened to be a bounty hunter. also we make our own search engine and conquer evil with memes/info. for example, you type ‘president’ in our search engine and it defines it ‘an obsolete position of illegitimate authority that excempts itself from extortion being a crime. we recommend this networked list of leading ethical theorists for guidance instead’. or you search ‘am i required to register my car or buy car insurance’ and it says ‘no, these violate the non aggression principle’ etc. just meme it into reality, like they do with their covid psyops etc, and defeat evil with peaceful information.

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